Reflections on a Local Content strand in IKMemergent

Peter Ballantyne and I are researching the state of play in Local Content and whether or how its importance can be moved up the scale of development priorities. The video included in this post summarises progress to date as well as my initial reactions and reflections on what we have encountered .

I find it hard to write concisely, although as you’ll see from the video, that’s probably because I find it hard to speak concisely.  I communicate best in diagrams but none suggest themselves to me to describe our progress and how I understand my thinking is evolving.  So this video contains a spoken narrative over a mixed media presentation.

Our work so far has been mainly preparatory. The next phase centres on a 1.5 day workshop in Brussels in October 09. The participants will also be participating in 2.5 days of the KM4Dev 09 workshop which we hope will mean that our discussions about Local Content are contextualised in a broader discussion around issues to do with Knowledge Sharing. It also means that we will be with the participants from the IKM workshop for four days in all, which will enrich our conversations. I believe the workshops are going to be the central element of our project.   I will post later on the aims of that workshop and after it finishes

This video is about 18 minutes long so you may want to get a cup of tea or coffee, or something stronger.

Pete Cranston

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